Week Beginning: Sunday 6th August, 2017

Sunday 6th August

Jill makes an announcement and Brian is in full voice

Jill, Emma, Ed, Jazzer, Brian, Harrison, Lulu Duxford

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Monday 7th August

Alistair's mind is elsewhere and Kirsty fears the worst

Alistair, Shula, Anisha, Kirsty, Jill, David

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Tuesday 8th August

Oliver receives an invitation and Shula starts to wonder

Bert, Joe, Oliver, Shula, Anisha, Alistair

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Wednesday 9th August

Justin finds an ally and Phoebe's head is turned

Emma, Justin, Phoebe, Lily, Lexi, Ed, Jazzer

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Thursday 10th August

Lily helps in an emergency and Kenton is called upon

Alistair, Shula, Kenton, Jill, Lily, Phoebe

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Friday 11th August

Lexi takes control and a mutiny is on the cards

Lexi, Phoebe, Susan, Clarrie, Emma, Tom

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Credited scriptwriter: Liz John


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