Week Beginning: Sunday 11th June, 2017

Sunday 11th June

Bridge Farm's secret is out, and Pip faces difficult questions

Helen, Tony, David, Pip, Jim

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Monday 12th June

Lower Loxley's prodigal son returns

Johnny, Freddie, Lily, Elizabeth, Justin, Lilian, Pat, Susan

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Tuesday 13th June

Lynda has troublesome guests, and Kirsty is keen to recruit

Lynda. James, Leonie, Kirsty, Jill

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Wednesday 14th June

Lilian chooses her side, and Elizabeth sees history repeating itself

Freddie, Lily, Elizabeth, Ruth, Lynda, Lilian

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Thursday 15th June

Tom puts himself forward, and Rex is feeling bold

Josh, David, Rex, Tom, Helen, Anisha, Tony, Pat

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Friday 16th June

Justin smooths the way. Matt sticks his oar in

James, Lilian, Justin, Tom, Kirsty, Matt

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Credited scriptwriter: Keri Davies


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