Week Beginning: Sunday 8th July, 2018

Sunday 8th July

Brian apportions blame. Emma makes a stand

Emma, Jim, David, Ruth, Brian, Josh

Summarised by Cynthia Curran

Monday 9th July

Robert has a challenge on his hands

Lynda, Robert, Debbie, Brian, Justin, Jennifer

Summarised by Cynthia Curran

Tuesday 10th July

Ruth considers her options

Adam, Ruth, Anisha, Rex, Toby, Alistair, Alice

Summarised by Cynthia Curran

Wednesday 11th July

Kate admits her true feelings and David offers a solution

Debbie, Kate, Robert, Kenton, David, Jim

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Thursday 12th July

Jennifer comes to a painful decision

Emma, Jennifer, Brian, Alice, Susan, Debbie

Summarised by Cynthia Curran

Friday 13th July

Brian finds himself at a crossroads

Hannah, Neil, Adam, Jennifer, Brian, Susan

Summarised by Cynthia Curran

Credited scriptwriter: Adrian Flynn


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