January 2018: A Line A Day


Week Day

David and Ruth pretend to be happy about Pip's situation. Roy makes it clear he is less than happy about Ian and Adam's.


Week Day

Brian and Adam reach a sticking point about changing the agronomist and Brian is shocked that Jennifer doesn't automatically agree with him.


Week Day

Pip and Jill reconcile over the pregnancy. Roy is furious Lexi is still considering surrogacy.


Week Day

Tom agrees with Helen that there isn't any point going on with the kefir, much to Susan's disappointment.


Week Day

Brian conjures up enough votes to go with the new agronomist


Week Day

Lexi tells Adam she is definitely considering being a surrogate and Roy is furious. David tries to stay calm with Toby but loses it very quickly.


Week Day

Tom has an uncertain future; so does Roy; so does the Am.


Week Day

Lexi decides not to be a surrogate; Rex is shocked at Pip's news but offers her his continuing support.

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