August 2017: A Line A Day


Week Day

Christine agrees to sell Woodbine Cottage to Harrison and Fallon. Justin finds out that the Dower House is only in trust to Lilian and that it was originally Matt's.


Week Day

Lilian is getting caught up in a cluster of lies about her relationship with Matt. Alice persuades Brian to be the MC at the fete but doesn't point out the Town Crier angle.


Week Day

Shula is worried that Anisha doesn't know that Matt and Alistair were involved in gambling.


Week Day

It turns out Matt is one of the Trustees for the Dower House and Matt also learns that Anisha doesn't know about Alistair's gambling past.


Week Day

Rustic harmony is in short supply at the Ambridge fete


Week Day

Alistair is at breaking point and Jill is overwhelmed with requests for help.


Week Day

Joe tries to secure his family's future and Shula tries to understand Alistair's behaviour.


Week Day

Emma offers her support to Justin's housing scheme and Phoebe's dreams of romance look like being fuflilled


Week Day

Alistair reveals what is troubling him and Jill finally accepts advice


Week Day

Lexi offers comfort and Emma offers a perspective on housing.


Week Day

Relationships between Anisha and Alistair continue on a downward path;Will does nothing to confound the old Borsetshire adage that "where there's a will, there's a miserable Will."


Week Day

Alistair's partnership with Anisha looks to be in peril.


Week Day

Susan has plans for future greatness; Phoebe has made some inappropriate choices, in more ways than one.


Week Day

Rex helps Anisha to see the world in a different light; Justin's plans get the go-ahead.


Week Day

Phoebe may feel secure for now, but...: Susan's imagination soars skywards.

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