Hear the voices again!


The BBC now have the programme available via RA ....

But if that doesn't do it for you

Over the years I've received many requests from people asking for recordings. The Beeb hasn't overcome the contractual problems to narrowcast the programme over the web and the World Service still see Ambridge as too parochial and generally uninteresting to the global listener. The Archers Addicts do offer a service to bring together people and now so do I.

Below you'll see a table of such people, it's all fairly obvious. Drop me a line if you want to be added to the table including in your email the kind of example information you see there. I've mentioned the place, because that might affect cost of postage and the like.

If this service proves popular I'll look at some way of automating the tasks. If you'd like to help and don't see someone who wants what you can give, I'll start another table! Maybe you already receive recordings from someone in this country and would be willing to forward them on when you've finished with them?


This table lists those people out of range of Radio Four, either permanently or temporarily, who would like someone to record the programme for them, either between specific dates or as an ongoing/occasional thing.




Preferred Format
(Eg. Tape, MiniDisc, MP3, RealAudio)

Specific requests

John Archer


A Better Place


Any with Hayley or Sharon in them


Lindsay Henry

linzbfc <at> skillsheets1 <dot> freeserve <dot> co <dot> uk



Over Christmas/New Year 1999/2000

Chris Barrett

chrisbarrett <at> bigpond <dot> com

Perth, WA, Aus.


"happy to receive any episodes at all"

Katrin Bosse

KBosse <at> compuserve <dot> com


RealAudio, preferably

"anything at all"

Sarah McIntosh

smcintosh <at> singapore <dot> ssa <dot> slb <dot> com


RealAudio, Tape

"would be happy to forward the recordings as part of a chain"

Susan Adie

sadie <at> paradise <dot> net <dot> nz



Now until March 2000


kbud <at> ihug <dot> co <dot> nz


RA ...

"any audio bits of the programme"

Claudia Watts

cmwatts <at> netvigator <dot> com

Hong Kong


"the occasional chance to hear the dum di dum..."

Kim John Payne

KimPayne1 <at> cs <dot> com



"Regular, occasional, anything!"

T. Lewis

swlewis <at> deakin <dot> edu <dot> au


Tape preferred

"am suffering severe withdrawal symptoms since my Mum gave up sending tapes to me in 1997"

Jack Tarry

jackt <at> icc <dot> net <dot> au


MP3, RA preferred

"listened since '71 missing it like crazy"


I am not advocating making audio copies of the broadcast material available on the net. This matter has been covered in relation to several previous web-sites. If someone records episodes using computer based applications and emails them to someone else, then that, presumably, falls within the same personal use clause that covers the recording of broadcasts using tapes or mini-discs. The Archers is © the BBC and what you do with your recordings is nothing to do with me. I'm merely using the fact that this site is a regular haunt for Archers listeners and maybe a few of them can help each other - this is a service that the BBC and the Archers Addicts offer themselves, you may find luck there, too.

NB. On publishing e-mails

This page is a lot less hassle and work than creating a mailing list or whatever, in order for your information to be included you will need to agree to your email address being published here. It's a small price, but non-negotiable, I'm afraid. I will list the addresses in a human readable, if not entirely "pure" form so as to at least try to thwart the spam-bots.

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