Week Beginning: Sunday 13th August, 2017

Sunday 13th August

Alistair is being secretive and Will gets a flea in his ear

Anisha, Alistair, Rex, Clarrie, William, Emma, Keira.

Summarised by David Clark

Monday 14th August

Anisha will not back down and Adam is out of his comfort zone

Alistair, Shula, Anisha, Helen, Ian, Henry, Adam.

Summarised by David Clark

Tuesday 15th August

Phoebe has an anxious wait and Clarrie gets to grips with a new recipe

Lily, Phoebe, Clarrie, Susan, Roy.

Summarised by David Clark

Wednesday 16th August

Rex blows away the blues

Susan, Lynda, Jennifer, Anisha, Rex, Justin, Emma, Neil.

Summarised by David Clark

Thursday 17th August

Susan has been doing some maths and Freddie spectacularly fails

Lexi, Phoebi, Freddie, Roy, Lynda, Oliver.

Summarised by David Clark

Friday 18th August

Emma's resolve is broken

Credited scriptwriter: Naylah Ahmed


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