Week Beginning: Sunday 26th March, 2017

Sunday 26th March

There is a difference of opinion at Bridge Farm, while at Grange Farm the cracks start to show.

Tom, Tony, Clarrie, Emma, Ruth, David

Summarised by Cynthia Curran

Monday 27th March

Toby shares his advice, and Kirsty adjusts to new information.

Pip, Ruth, Toby, Jill, Kenton, Kirsty, Tom

Summarised by Cynthia Curran

Tuesday 28th March

Usha rallies the troops, and Jill does a good deed.

Lynda, Jill, Usha, Jennifer, Susan, Kirsty

Summarised by Cynthia Curran

Wednesday 29th March

Lynda has to explain herself, and Harrison is in the doghouse.

Thursday 30th March

Pip is on edge, and Justin plays it cool.

Friday 31st March

Lilian bares her soul, and there is a barney at Brookfield.

Credited scriptwriter: Caroline Harrington


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