Week Beginning: Sunday 18th June, 2017

Sunday 18th June

Pip insists she is fine and Tracy makes her mark

David, Ruth, Pip, Lilian, Justin, Tracy, Anisha.

Summarised by David Clark

Monday 19th June

Justin's hackles are raised

Tom, Helen, Justin, Kirsty, Jill, Lilian.

Summarised by David Clark

Tuesday 20th June

Freddie finds a new vocation

Freddie, Elizabeth, Rex, Anisha, Adam, David.

Summarised by David Clark

Wednesday 21st June

Tom is ready to seal the deal

Tom, Tony, Pat, Helen, Justin, Lilian.

Summarised by David Clark

Thursday 22nd June

Adam has an eventful birthday and Anisha draws a line

Friday 23rd June

Matt is on the prowl and Jill calls on experience

Credited scriptwriter: Paul Brodrick


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