Week Beginning: Sunday 19th August, 2018

Sunday 19th August

Lynda is determined to get to the truth

Fallon, Hannah, Lynda, Tom

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Monday 20th August

Phoebe attempts to offer advice

Ruth, Jill, Josh, Pip, Elizabeth, Lily, Phoebe

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Tuesday 21st August

Ian imparts some bad news and Neil is asked an important favour

Emma, Usha, Helen, Henry, Ian, Elizabeth, Neil

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Wednesday 22nd August

Helen is on a mission

Jim, Alistair, Pat, Tom, Helen, Jazzer, Hannah

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Thursday 23rd August

Tom is desperate to impress

Oliver, Elizabeth, Natalie, Johnny, Helen

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Friday 24th August

Russ plays a dangerous game

Credited scriptwriter: None Specified


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