Week Beginning: Sunday 20th May, 2018

Sunday 20th May

Elizabeth jumps to conclusions. Jim makes a decision

Jim, Jazzer, Elizabeth, Lily, Freddie, Johnny, Tom, Hannah

Summarised by Rachael Reynolds

Monday 21st May

Freddie's plan backfires

Brian, Jennifer, Kate, Justin, Freddie, Russ

Summarised by Rachael Reynolds

Tuesday 22nd May

Emma receives an unexpected gesture and Pip has a brainwave

Rex, Pip, William, Adam, Ed, Emma

Summarised by Rachael Reynolds

Wednesday 23rd May

Lily admits the truth. Susan has a bone to pick

Alistair, Tom, Liiy, Freddie, Hannah

Summarised by Rachael Reynolds.

Thursday 24th May

Brian tries to make things right and Adam drums up support

Adam, Brian, Ian, Jennifer, Jazzer

Summarised by Rachael Reynolds.

Friday 25th May

Alistair plans his future and Joe asks a favour

Alistair, David, Philip, Jazzer, Joe, Shula, Jill, Jim

Summarised by Rachael Reynolds.

Credited scriptwriter: Keri Davies


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