Week Beginning: Sunday 10th June, 2012

Sunday 10th June

Jamie makes a conquest at the Single Wicket competition. Meanwhile, David is on edge.

Kenton, Iftikar, Tracy, David, Mike, Rosa, Ben

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Monday 11th June

Ruth is getting rattled and Darrell does a good turn.

Ben, Ruth, Lilian, Adam, David, Darrell, Matt

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Tuesday 12th June

Iftikar is under pressure, and Will has an embarrassing encounter.

Alice, Christopher, William, Iftikar, Lynda, Amy, Jamie, Rosa

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Wednesday 13th June

Alan worries for Amy's safety. Meanwhile, Ruth has come to a decision.

Ruth, Ben, Alan, Amy, Usha, Alice

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Thursday 14th June

Usha's patience wears thin and Neil cannot believe his eyes.

Neil, Susan, Ian, Adam, Usha, Amy

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Friday 15th June

Darrell thinks his days are numbered. Meanwhile, Chris feels that three is a crowd.

Ruth, Pip, David, Darrell, Matt, Christopher, Alice

Summarised by Jo Saunders

Credited scriptwriter: Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti


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